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Mohamed Osman Alkhosht prior assuming his current role, he served as Professor of philosophy of religion and modern and contemporary doctrines, Vice President of Cairo University for Education and Student Affairs (2016 - July 2017) ,Egyptian Cultural Counselor at the Egyptian Embassy in Riyadh and Head of the largest educational mission abroad in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (2013-2015) and Director of the Cairo University Center for Languages ​​and Translation (2010-2013).

His work include 41 published books, 24 books of Islamic heritage, and 27 published scientific researches. His first published book was published in 1982 35 years ago. Some of his works have been translated into other languages ​​(German, English and Indonesian).He also has published more than 78 scientific research papers.

Four books on his thought and scientific contributions were published in Arabic and English, written by dozens of Egyptian and Arab university professors and foreign editors.

Mohamed Osman Alkhosht was named by UNESCO as Chair of philosophy among contemporary Arab philosophers in the "Encyclopedia of Contemporary Arab Philosophers" issued by UNESCO.

Also he was named the Person of the year 2014 at the Egyptian Embassy in Saudi Arabia and received 6 scientific awards in the humanities and social sciences and an award in international publishing, ward of the ideal professor of the Faculty of Arts in 2010, Award of the ideal professor from the faculty members club (an ideal professor of faculty at the Department of Philosophy - Faculty of Arts in 2010)

Currently he is an Editor-in-chief of Hermès Magazine, a scientific journal in the humanities and social sciences.