MBRF Literacy Challenge

Literacy Challenge winners

25 Feb 2020

In the category of governments, Egypt’s Al Wadi Al Jadid was honored, and Mohammed Salman Ibrahim governor of Al Wadi Al Jadid received the award.

 Al Wadi Al Jadid Governorate gave hope to the illiterate people with high effective programs, which resulted in a decrease in the illiteracy rates in the governorate to 2%, which is the lowest in Egypt.

In the context of its creativity and systematic initiatives to activate the role of students, each of its graduate students undertook the literacy of 10 citizens in their village. This activated the societal role in the comprehensive literacy campaign in the governorate.

Financial rewards were also given to illiterate villages in the governorate in form of infrastructure, and development programs have been established in cooperation with sustainable partners and institutions, all these resulted in giving attention to the companied to invest in the governorate.

And in the category of institutions, the Vodafone Egypt Foundation for Community Development, was honored, and Engneer Mohamed Henna, Chairman of the Vodafone Egypt Foundation, received the award.

The Foundation was honored for its implementation of activities and events that covered 100 villages in Egypt included building 100 schools, 419 thousand beneficiaries from literacy programs, 100 thousand beneficiaries of medical services, educating 50 thousand students, and training nearly 2,500 teachers from those in charge of the educational process.

The Literacy Challenge initiative seeks to benefit 30 million Arab youths and children by the year 2030, and the project aspires to help providing people with the skills and knowledge to respond effectively to the growing challenges of new technologies and the information age.