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Hechmi Ardhaoui

Hechmi Ardhaoui

Education Specialist at Alecso

Hechmi has been working for the Arab League Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organization. He is an Education Specialist and Program Co-ordinator at ALESCO. Hechmi has spent a year directing Educational Curricula at the Ministry of Education.


He is a jurist for the National Award for Translation Committee at the Ministry of Culture and National Committee for Competence Competition in Teaching - Arabic. Hechmi’s career and life has been about Education and the Arab Language. He holds a Doctorate in Teaching Arabic to non-native speakers from the University of Tunisia.


In 1987, he also worked as a Professor in Arabic Language and Literature – Faculty of Arts in Manouba. Hechmi also holds Arts Baccalaureate from the Technical Institute of Médinine.