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Mohamed Henna

Mohamed Henna

Management and Technology Consultant

Mohamed Henna has been a part of Telecom industry of Egypt for almost 38 years. He fulfils his current capacity as a management and technology consultant with more than 30 years of experience in the field of telecommunications and Information Technologies.

In 1979, Mohamed graduated with a Bachelors in Science, specializing in Telecommunications from Cairo University. He worked for IBM for a little over 15 years in Saudi Arabia before moving on to Vodafone Egypt in 1999.

His career with Vodafone disembarked as Chief Technology Officer and a member of Research and Development board in 2011. Mohamed has always been concerned with the social development of Egypt. He is a strong advocate of sustainability and corporate social responsibility. During his chairmanship for Vodafone foundation, he prioritized Education alongside health and disability in the Egyptian society.