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Muhamad Hamad

Muhamad Hamad

Former Secretary General, National Council for Literacy and Adult Education (NCLAE), Sudan

Muhammad Hammad began his career as a secondary school teacher in Gezira State, Sudan in 2004 and later he took over the management of external training at the Ministry of Human Resources in Khartoum.

He also was the manager of the General Administration of the Charity Support Association in addition to being a member of several Arab and local organizations in Sudan where he supervised the project E-learning and training of senior education leaders. In 2019, Muhammad served as VP of the 5th meeting of the Higher Committee for the Arab Decade for Literacy.

Muhammad completed his Bachelor's in Education (Physics and Mathematics) from Al-Jazeera University in Sudan. He holds a Masters of Education majoring in educational technology in teaching mathematics. While he is currently preparing for a doctorate in the same discipline.

He also participated in many Arab and international conferences on literacy and adult education.