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Samah Shalaby

Samah Shalaby

Assistant Programme Specialist at UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning

Samah Shalaby currently works as an Assistant Programme Specialist in the Monitoring and Assessment of Lifelong learning team at the UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning (UIL), Hamburg.

Samah began her career in Egypt in the fields of Finance and Academia. She worked at the Arab Bank in Cairo for five years and tutored undergraduates in microeconomics and banking as an Economics Teaching Assistant at the Modern Sciences and Arts University in Cairo.

She graduated with MSc in Economics of the Middle East from the Phillips Marburg University in Germany.

In support of Adult Learning and Education (ALE) capacity-building within the Arab States, Samah actively contributes to enhancing ALE policies and strategies within the concept of lifelong learning. She serves as a part of the team responsible for producing the Global Report on ALE.