06 Dec 2018


Knowledge Summit 2018 Examines the Role of the Media in Creating a Resilient Knowledge Economy

The essential role of the media in creating a resilient knowledge economy was a major topic under discussion on the second day of the Knowledge Summit 2018, which concluded on Thursday at Dubai World Trade Centre.

Titled ‘Youth and the Future of the Knowledge Economy,’ the forum – an annual initiative of the Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Knowledge Foundation (MBRF) – was hosted to explore ways to future-proof the UAE and wider Arab society by examining ways to create a sustainable development underpinned by the acquisition and promulgation of knowledge.

H.E. Mansour Al Mansouri, Director-General of the National Media Council, NMC said: “The relationship between traditional media and social media is complementary one. Print audio and visual media are still the most credible compared to the means of social communication or the so called new media. Today, everyone is a journalist in their own way and the information is no longer exclusive to one source. Sometimes the recipient becomes the sender and vice versa and given that we are facing many challenges – including false and misleading news – this requires us to exert more effort to educate the public on how to combat and reduce it.”

“Our wise leadership has given all the attention and empowerment to the youth. We at the National Media Council launched the Youth Media Council Initiative to ensure that their aspirations and views are upheld and enhance their role building the future,” he added.

“We are living the ‘Golden Age of Journalism’. The future of media is linked to the development of technical solutions and ICT services; however, content remains the only component with no change in this industry,” H.E. concluded.

Ali Jaber, Group TV Director, MBC and Dean of the Mohammed bin Rashid School of Communication, American University of Dubai, said: “The knowledge economy would not exist without the media. With regards to the role of youth in promoting the media sector, they are a force and a wealth to be invested in to ensure the progress of societies and familiarise them with the ethics of the profession.”

On the issue of ‘fake news,’ Al-Jaber stressed that social networking platforms are a means of spreading lies that have grown in light of the economic crisis in the media sector. Consequently, he said, media institutions need to be aware of the importance of verification and credibility.

Abdul Mohsen Salama, Chairman of Al Ahram Foundation and Journalists’ representative, said: “Traditional media is facing a critical stage in the history of the whole industry. The rapid development of the sector as a result of the latest technological output, is a transformative point in the industry’s path, and a key factor to be relied upon.”

Sheikha Fawz Al Sabah, founder of Crowd Creative House, pointed to the importance of involving young people in the media industry and finding platforms that rhyme with their interests and transmit their voices by developing content that suits their interests and ambitions.

“The use of technology is directly linked to the advancement of the knowledge economy and media is the best way to raise awareness of youth issues, support their creativity and enhance knowledge”, she said.

The Knowledge Summit 2018 brings together more than 100 speakers including experts, decision makers and stakeholders from around the world in more than 45 discussion panels.

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