Knowledge Management Policy

The Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Knowledge Foundation (MBRF) is committed to efficiently and effectively applying the knowledge management principles during the implementation of its initiatives and processes which aim at producing and spreading knowledge, developing human capital and enhancing the status of the Arabic language, through:

  • Developing and executing a knowledge management strategy and defining clear and specific vision and objectives, besides providing the necessary support to ensure achieving the same.
  • Ensuring the sustainability of delivering knowledge management initiatives exceeding the expectations of the stakeholders, while achieving the highest satisfaction levels, including introducing initiatives for conserving, disseminating, sharing and developing knowledge in the MBRF.
  • Effectively engaging employees in building an institutional identity and culture, which adopts best practices in knowledge management in order to create a value proposition to our stakeholders about the level of quality provided by the MBRF.
  • Managing the balance between knowledge sharing and knowledge protection of the MBRF’s knowledge areas as per the knowledge management manual.
  • Complying with applicable regulatory and other requirements related to Knowledge Management System, and continuously working on improving the system through constant review to assess the performance and achieve the objectives in order to contribute to improving the knowledge management performance.