Bil Arabi

Bil Arabi

General Overview

An initiative launched by the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Knowledge Foundation in 2013 with the aim of encouraging Arabs to use their mother tongue via the Internet and social media channels, and to contribute to the development of the knowledge role of the Arabic language in the international community in general and the Arab community in particular.

In November 2021, the new identity of the initiative was launched under the slogan “Arabic is a language of science and knowledge”.

Our Goal

Celebrating the Arabic language on its international day by encouraging the use of the Arabic language in all social media: Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. The initiative focuses on presenting various events through digital media channels and social media, and spreading awareness of the aesthetics of the Arabic language and its treasures, which are related to our heritage and authentic Arab history.

Beneficiary Categories

All segments of the Arabic-speaking and non-native speakers of society in the UAE and around the world in order to strengthen the Arab identity among the youth and maintain a sense of belonging.

Contributions and Rresults

Supporting and preserving the Arabic language and encouraging its permanent use through social media channels. The initiative was able to reach 3.5 billion views of the #Arabic hashtag, with the wide interaction and spread of its activities in a number of countries.