Bil Arabi

Bil Arabi


Bil Arabi Initiative began as an idea proposed by a group of UAE university students, with the participation of many young volunteers from several universities in the UAE, to the MBRF. The Foundation adopted the initiative and launches it every year on the same day, the “Arabic Language Day” as set by the United Nations General Assembly on December 18 of each year.


The initiative is keen to celebrate Arabic Language on its international day by encouraging using exclusively the Arabic language in all social media: Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram throughout the Arabic Language Day. The initiative focuses on providing a variety of activities covering most of the digital media channels and social media, and spreading awareness of the beauty of the Arabic language and its treasures, which are linked to our heritage and authentic Arab history.


All categories of the Arabic-speaking community in the country and around the world to promote the Arab identity among young people and the sense of belonging.

Contributions and Results

To support and preserve the Arabic language and to encourage its permanent
use in social media channels. The initiative
was able to get 3.5 billion hits to # بالعربي (Bil Arabi), in response to the interaction and the spread of its activities in several countries, in cooperation with the state embassies there.