My family is Reading

My family is Reading


The initiative is intended to allocate knowledge packs with a collection of valuable and famous books, which gained worldwide success and translate it into Arabic. The books are compiled into a single pack containing 20 different books of the Foundation’s publications and are distributed among families in the UAE according to specific criteria.

Since it was launched, the initiative has been well-received and appreciated by individuals and families benefiting from the knowledge packs that were distributed. The pack of books covers various topics from history and heritage to management and success stories as well as many other inspiring books.


An innovative initiative that aims to disseminate and promote the culture of reading, improve levels of knowledge, and encourage members of the community in all the Emirates to adopt the habit of reading, on a daily basis.


The initiative targets Emirati families in general and young people in particular as well as employees of several government departments and their families.

Contributions and Results

More than 35 government and private agencies joined the initiative while 50,000 Emirati families benefited from the initiative.