Knowledge Leadership: MBRF's global efforts to advance education and innovation

  • 24 Apr 2024

24 April 2024- The Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Knowledge Foundation (MBRF) has constantly strived to be a prominent platform for education and knowledge, promoting innovation on both regional and international levels. The Foundation is driven by a defined goal that aims to improve skills and competence, while also promoting the global exchange of scientific knowledge through targeted programs and diverse initiatives. These endeavours are designed to propel the innovation and education sectors forward, ultimately contributing to the MBRF's primary mission of facilitating a complete shift in these crucial fields.

This commitment to promoting sustainable development and enhancing knowledge proficiencies within and outside the UAE, which are also in line with the goals of the 2030 Agenda on Sustainable Development, is best illustrated by the collaboration between the MBRF and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). The joint efforts of these two entities reflect a shared dedication to supporting sustainable development programs. Moreover, they serve as a reminder of MBRF's commitment to its cutting-edge strategy, which is based on the improvement of research and educational capacities, as well as the transfer of knowledge to future generations. This is accomplished by developing an effective educational curriculum and organising events, conferences, and other platforms that facilitate the exchange of knowledge and experiences.

The Knowledge Project, a joint venture between the two institutions, aims to promote knowledge-based growth in the Arab region and beyond. This initiative arises from a longstanding partnership and is motivated by a dedication to implementing innovative educational policies and knowledge-based strategies. By doing so, the ultimate goal is to empower Arab societies and enhance their knowledge foundations.

The project also plays a pivotal role in fostering meaningful conversations and raising awareness of the significance of knowledge. It emphasises the use of research and knowledge-driven project outcomes, such as the Global Knowledge Index (GKI), which is an essential instrument to advance various academic trends and align them with the overall goals of sustainable development.

Likewise, the MBRF is committed to broadening its global impact through the formation of strategic alliances with leading regional and global institutions. The Foundation seeks to strengthen its standing as a prominent global entity in the field of knowledge and development by fostering the exchange of information through these collaborations. Recognising the crucial role that knowledge plays in the development of society, the MBRF remains steadfast in improving educational standards, encouraging scientific research and entrepreneurship, and increasing the level of proficiency in the Arabic language.

Besides, a partnership agreement has been signed with the Mohammed bin Salman Foundation ‘Misk,’ which underscores both parties' shared commitment to strengthening cooperation, combining resources for the benefit of various social groups, and promoting social and economic growth. The Foundation also supports numerous projects and initiatives in the education and innovation fields on a global scale to promote innovation and develop creative solutions that address educational challenges, which is further backed by the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Knowledge Award. The award aims to encourage knowledge pioneers, and those facilitating the exchange of information and shaping a stimulating environment.

The award encompasses all academic domains and development facets, such as innovation, entrepreneurship, and learning systems, as well as the advancement of scientific research. It further addresses how communication technology is developing to make it less difficult for individuals to gather and share knowledge, how documented knowledge can be conveyed through printing and publishing, and how knowledge continuity can be ensured through paper and electronic documentation.

As part of its ongoing efforts to preserve and expand the Arabic language's use and learning opportunities, the MBRF has recently signed an agreement with the Akdemistanbul Language Center. The Foundation also took part in the commemoration of the Arab Language Day 2023, which was organised by the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization, UNESCO.

On top of that, a delegation from the Foundation, led by His Excellency Jamal Bin Huwaireb, Executive Director of MBRF, visited Egypt and Kuwait to discuss potential avenues for cooperation, explore ways to support innovative knowledge initiatives and projects, improve mechanisms for exchange of knowledge and experiences in the field of science, and formulate strategies required to enhance the standard of education in the region.

The Foundation actively seeks to develop innovative educational programs that improve the scientific and cognitive skills of students and teachers through collaborations with prestigious international institutions. This is complemented by the active launch of strategic initiatives, the most recent of which is the ‘FutureSkills4All’ initiative in collaboration with the United Nations Development Programme under the ‘Knowledge Project’. This initiative was created in collaboration with Coursera, an educational platform, to provide the next generation of Arab talents with the necessary skills to enhance their abilities and empower them with tailored educational experiences for professional development.

By supporting scientific research and implementing cutting-edge educational technologies, the Foundation provides genuine backing for studies and research centred on the integration of technology in education. In this regard, the Foundation's Digital Knowledge Center is one of the largest digital hubs for Arabic content, with a mission to facilitate cross-cultural communication by sharing Arabic knowledge and making it widely accessible. The centre includes leading Arabic publishing houses, as well as the first search engine specifically tailored to Arabic content on the internet. 

Through its emphasis on education and innovation, support for various knowledge initiatives, and desire for innovation, the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Knowledge Foundation highlights the crucial role that knowledge and science play in building societies and forming the foundations for future generations. These transformative initiatives, strategic collaborations, and steadfast commitment to growth further reflect the UAE's increasing prominence as a vibrant, global knowledge hub.