Knowledge Lounge enriches knowledge landscape with a range of events and activities

  • 18 Apr 2024

Dubai, UAE, 18 April 2024 - The Knowledge Lounge, a pioneering project of the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Knowledge Foundation (MBRF), organized a wide range of events, particularly during Reading Month. The activities were part of the MBRF’s vision, which seeks to enhance cognitive development and make reading a community culture.

The events attracted a large number of book lovers and offered them an ideal platform to share knowledge and raise awareness of the significance of reading and its vital role in encouraging creativity and learning. The events included a session titled ‘The Importance of Reading’ presented by His Excellency Jamal bin Huwaireb, CEO of the MBRF, which was organized by the Emirates Schools Establishment (ESE). During the session, H.E. bin Huwaireb elaborated on the significance of national knowledge initiatives such as Reading Month, highlighting their role as a testament to the value the national leadership places on reading. H.E. viewed reading as a gateway to knowledge and creativity, underscoring its vital contribution to empowering individuals with knowledge and fostering a conscious, educated generation that is capable of driving the nation’s prosperity and progress.

Furthermore, the Knowledge Lounge held a session titled ‘Effective Leadership’ with Dr. Abir Al Rasbi and a specialized workshop titled ‘Writing Book Reviews’ that was conducted using visual communication technology. The workshop was presented by poet and media personality, Hussein Darwish. During the session, he discussed ways to encourage readership and create an engaging environment for sharing ideas, views, and knowledge. The workshop delved into the art and scientific principles of reviewing books in order to provide the Arabic Library and readers with a comprehensive and clear understanding of the available publications.  For instance, books should be categorized into literature, science, biography, or administration, along with mentioning the name of the publishing house and clearly defining the content of the book artistically and objectively. The workshop focused on an unbiased presentation by reducing the influence of the author’s perspective or opinion.  

The Knowledge Lounge also actively participated in the London Book Fair (LBF) 2024, highlighting the critical role of reading in fostering knowledge societies. It organized a series of knowledge and educational sessions during the LBF, covering a wide range of topics addressed by prominent personalities and publishing houses in the world of knowledge. The sessions included diverse themes, including ‘Emirati Publisher and Copyright Rights’ with the participation of Anoud Ali and Hussein Darwish, ‘Complete Knowledge of Art and Literature’ featuring Fai Nasser and Haytham Hussein, ‘Global Knowledge Dialogues and Arab Library Development’ with the participation of Hisham Al Jahdali and Fahad Al Awda, and ‘Interchanges of Translation: Between Translator and Publisher’ with Fatima al-Khatib and Dalal Nasrallah. These sessions, among others, captivated the audience’s interest and substantially contributed to enriching the knowledge landscape.

Additionally, the Knowledge Lounge conducted interactive and engaging sessions, such as discussions on Adil Mustafa's book titled ‘Logical Fallacies’, and Emily Rutte's book ‘Memoir of an Arab Princess’. Furthermore, it conducted a session on ‘Women of the House of Prophecy’ by Aysha Abdulrahman (Bint al-Shati). Emirati writers Nadia al-Najjar and Noura al-Khoury’s book ‘Letters in a Different Time’ was discussed in a special session featuring Knowledge Lounge for Youth, in collaboration with the Alnqsh Platform, which was moderated by the young girl Haneen Kifah Al-Kharaz and included readings of diverse books from the literature world.

His Excellency Jamal bin Huwaireb, CEO of MBRF, highlighted MBRF’s dedication to boosting the significant role of reading. He also stressed the significance of ingraining reading as a daily habit among youth, recognizing its pivotal role in cultivating their knowledge and elevating the UAE’s standing as a hub of science and knowledge regionally and globally.

He also expressed pride in the Knowledge Lounge’s remarkable achievement in advancing knowledge and reading, emphasizing its focus on showcasing the intellectual and creative works of writers and scientists. Furthermore, he praised its successful engagement in book fairs and meetings, highlighting their role in sharing experiences and best practices and enhancing knowledge cooperation.

The Knowledge Lounge is notably dedicated to bolstering reading among members of society, particularly among young individuals. It seeks to accelerate knowledge development, foster sustainable cognitive development pathways, and establish economic models based on knowledge.