MBRF Partners with University of Fujairah and Fujairah Charity Association to Launch Fujairah Digital Library

  • 06 Jan 2021
  • Dubai
  • The launch adds to the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Knowledge Foundation’s efforts to improve the quality of education and spread knowledge.

The Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Knowledge Foundation (MBRF) has signed a partnership agreement with the University of Fujairah and Fujairah Charity Association to launch the Fujairah Digital Library.

Part of MBRF’s Digital Knowledge Hub, which aims to establish digital platforms to spread knowledge among all segments of the community, the Fujairah Digital Library is in line with the Foundation’s strategic objectives to enhance the quality of education, promote knowledge and scientific research in the UAE and the world, boost the Arabic language’s cultural and knowledge role, and foster a reading culture among communities.

The agreement was signed at the MBRF headquarters with MBRF’s CEO His Excellency Jamal bin Huwaireb in attendance, along with H.E. Saeed Mohammed Al Raqbani, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the University of Fujairah and Chairman of Fujairah Charity Association, as well as members of the University of Fujairah and Digital Knowledge Hub teams.

“The recent challenges the world went through demonstrated the importance of digital knowledge and its potential to help address any circumstances given that it is easily accessible and offers volumes of information,” asserted H.E. bin Huwaireb. “Our leadership’s commitment to supporting the UAE’s complete digital transformation has helped create an effective digital infrastructure that can support advanced tech projects, most notably digital libraries that can promote culture among all segments of the community.”

“Our Digital Knowledge Hub projects aim to ensure easy and smooth access to knowledge, aggregating information from all disciplines under one umbrella to promote a culture of reading among young people everywhere,” H.E. added. “This allows them to benefit from digital libraries and supports MBRF’s strategic objectives to develop the youth’s skills and establish knowledge and culture projects in the UAE and abroad. The objective is to build a massive digital memory and make it available to all.”

For his part, H.E. Saeed Mohammed Al Raqbani said: “Collaborating with the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Knowledge Foundation is a valuable opportunity for us at the University of Fujairah, which was established in 2016, to enhance students’ performance. And with that objective in mind, we began working with MBRF to establish the Fujairah Digital Library to serve students and the wider community in the emirate.”

“The Foundation’s vast knowledge and extensive experience greatly enhance the role of the Fujairah Digital Library,” H.E. Al Raqbani added, thanking the MBRF team for their efforts to ensure this cooperation that will benefit the University’s students.

The Fujairah Digital Library platform houses more than 156,393 titles and 1,657,766 digital articles from various local, Arab, and international publishing houses. These include digital content, books, magazines, and videos, as well as summaries of books, studies, research papers, and open sources. The platform provides its services to all citizens of the Emirate of Fujairah, allowing them to search, browse, and download books, in addition to building personal libraries.

MBRF’s Digital Knowledge Hub aims to enrich and support online Arabic content, provide Arabic platforms to make it available and promote its use, and impart knowledge in an enjoyable format that meets the requirements of contemporary life. The Hub aspires to meet the UAE and the Arab World’s knowledge needs; it caters to science and education enthusiasts, allowing them to access knowledge outside the confines of the traditional library walls.

The University of Fujairah’s strategic plans centres around embracing advanced remote education technology, in addition to implementing a smart education system by providing a comprehensive digital library for academic and research content. Furthermore, the university is introducing new undergraduate and postgraduate programmes that support innovation, entrepreneurship, and leadership.