Mohammed bin Rashid Knowledge Foundation reviews ‘Creators’ Intellectual Property Rights’ and ‘Travel Writings’

  • 20 Apr 2023

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, April 20, 2023- The Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Knowledge Foundation (MBRF) organized a panel discussion within the Dubai International Program for Writing (DIPW) titled ‘Travel Writings: Memories and Experiences’ and another session titled ‘Intellectual property: Game changer for creatives’ as a part of the KnowTalks series. These sessions were held on the second day of one of the largest international book fairs, the London Book Fair, which is being held in Olympia, London, from April 18 to 20.

The first session titled ‘Intellectual property: Game changer for creatives’, under the KnowTalks series, covered the value of guarding creators' intellectual property and safeguarding their creative output. The session was hosted by Erica Wolfe-Murray, a creative thinking expert and founder of Lola Media.

Wolfe-Murray emphasized that a straightforward methodology must be used to develop private intellectual property. She further highlighted that small private companies can protect their intellectual property at the same level as large companies and that they can also take proactive steps by registering their intellectual products in advance to protect them from imitation and fraud. She stated that the importance of intellectual property lies in gaining recognition and material benefit.

Furthermore, she stressed that the use of trademarks and intellectual property marks contributes to addressing the challenges faced by property in the digital world, and that the responsibility for protecting intellectual property lies with the owner of the invention after registering, following-up and managing it, monitoring violations of the person's intellectual property rights, and resorting to the legal system when it is used without their permission or prior approval.


According to Wolfe-Murray, there is no advantage to intellectual property without a benefit from the intellectual product, and intellectual property protection laws vary from one country to another depending on how each system is understood and how far along each country is in its development. She further outlined that hiring legal counsel and legal agencies is necessary for the protection of intellectual property, whether through funding or by relevant organizations.

The second panel discussion, titled ‘Travel writings: Memories and Experiences,’ was hosted by Dr. Wafaa Al-Mazghani, President of the International Board of Books for Young People, which came as a part of the DIPW. The workshop was designed to provide aspiring authors with the skills they need to excel professionally.

Al Al-Mazghani recommended several techniques and methods for aspiring travel writers to improve their creative writing skills, along with being mindful of noting down relevant information in a notebook, which further motivates them to write.

Al-Mazghani concluded that writers should pay attention to novel things that no one has ever discovered or written about before and that the person must discover it on their own, as traveling to places that no one has ever been before gives them additional encouragement in writing and it is essential for the person to leave a positive impression in every location they visit.

The MBRF organized a symposium titled ‘Translations from and to Arabic’, on the first day of the London Book Fair, which was hosted by translator Ibrahim Al Sinan, Editor-in-Chief of Dar Raff Publishing, which is associated with the Saudi Research and Media Group, along with translator Dalal Al-Nasrallah. The session was moderated by journalist Hussein Darwish.

The seminar focused on the potential and challenges of translating Arabic into other languages. Participants underscored the value of specialized translation, the necessity of the translator having knowledge of the languages they are translating into, and the significance of a specialized editor assessing the translated content once translators have completed their work.