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Knowledge Award’s Board of Trustees and Advisory Committee Hold First Meeting of 2019

The Board of Trustees and Advisory Committee for the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Knowledge Award (MBRKA) held its first meeting of 2019 after the submission deadline for the Award’s sixth edition passed. The process of considering and evaluating the entries received through MBRKA’s official website has thus begun.

The meeting was chaired by His Excellency Jamal bin Huwaireb, Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees and Secretary General of MBRKA, while attendees included members of both the Board of Trustees and the Advisory Committee, namely: Dr Ali Ahmed Al-Ghaf li, representing UAE University; Professor Mohamed Osman Alkhosht, representing Cairo University; Professor Nicholas Rawlins, representing the University of Oxford; Professor Alexander Zander, representing Nanyang Technological University, Singapore; Dr Sultan Mohammed Al Nuaimi, of Abu Dhabi University; Professor Kazuhiko Takeuchi, Director and Professor of Integrated Sustainability Research Systems at the Institute of Advanced Studies, University of Tokyo; David Bennett, representing the United States’ tertiary education sector; and Dr Hany Torky and Dr Wes Harry from the Advisory Committee.

At the meeting, all applications for the Award were reviewed, with attendees verifying which ones meet all of the Award’s requirements and conditions. The discussion then moved to MBRKA’s accomplishments over the past five years, and how its impact on innovators may be enhanced and the breadth of participation from around the world expanded.

“The Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Knowledge Award has left a strong impression locally, regionally, and internationally,” said H.E. Jamal bin Huwaireb, noting that phase one of the Award’s sixth edition witnessed fierce competition among candidates—be they individuals, academic entities, and institutions involved in the knowledge community.

“In its six short years of existence, the Award has succeeded in gaining international attention and accolades for shedding light on significant achievements and invaluable contributions that have truly and deeply improved human life,” H.E. bin Huwaireb said. He expressed gratitude to both the Trustees and the Advisory Committee for their efforts in e levating the Award to the p restigious status it has come to occupy internationally.

For his part, Professor Nicholas Rawlins noted that they had discussed the shortlisting of potential Award winners who have met the competition’s terms and conditions and have made significant contributions that positively transformed their communities and the world.

Dr Ali Ahmed Al-Ghafli said that the meeting explored the Award’s impact over the years and focused on the need to build on its accomplishments, especially on its growing international acclaim and appeal among entities active in the knowledge sectors. Dr Al-Ghaf li affirmed that the Award would consolidate its positive image across the global knowledge community in the near future.

The Award seeks to promote comprehensive development by supporting innovation and creativity in all spheres of knowledge. It comes with a monetary value is US$1 million. The winners will be presented with the Award at the annual Knowledge Summit organized by the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Knowledge Foundation in Dubai. The Summit provides a global platform for knowledge leaders, experts, and decision makers where they will explore ways to build and develop knowledge-based societies.