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RTA - Advertising


Stay in your lane so everyone reaches faster.

Stay clear of bus lanes. These are dedicated lanes for buses, taxis, police vehicles, civil defence, ambulances on emergency calls and accessing them will get you a fine of AED 600. Simply keep to your own lanes and reach your destination on time.

Dedicated bus lane locations around Dubai:

Al Mamzar
Al Ghubaiba
Jumeirah Lakes Towers


Literacy Challenge

According to the UNESCO, 750 million youth and adults worldwide lack the basic literacy skills, of whom two-thirds are women. Besides, 264 million children are denied access to education and failing to acquire basic literacy skills. The Arab world is not an exception, where illiteracy rate is 19%, which means that one of five adults suffers from illiteracy.

Be part of the change .. Join the Challenge to eradicate the illiteracy of 30 million Arab youths by 2030