Contributions and Results

Since the launch of the Dubai International Writing Program, a series of specialized training courses have been organized in various fields of writing, novel, translation, children’s literature, youth literature, short stories and others. Each training course included a group of courses which extend to five days of direct training. The program has also produced numerous writing awards.

The following winners have been awarded:

 • “Guardian of the Sun” – Eman AlYousuf ranked first in the Emirates Novel Award 2016.
 • “Dynoraf (The Eight-legged Beast)” – Hessa Almehairi (Sheikh Zayed Book Award in the twelfth edition for Children’s Literature 2018)
 • “A Letter From Harvard” – Mariam Alzarouni (Al Owais Creative Award in the twenty-fifth edition)
 • “Limits of Dreams (Sakf Al a’hlam)” – Badria Al-Shamsi (It was decided to be taught at grade four by the Ministry of Education)