Arab Translators Club attracts young talents

  • 21 Oct 2022
  • Frankfurt

Frankfurt, 21 October 2022

The Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Knowledge Foundation (MBRF) organized a seminar for the Arab Translators Club, which is a part of the Dubai International Program for Writing, one of MBRF’s most prominent knowledge projects. The seminar was organized on the sidelines of MBRF's participation in the Frankfurt International Book Fair 2022, being held in Frankfurt, Germany, from October 19 to 23, 2022, under the theme ‘Words Connect Worlds’.

The club makes efforts in attracting a large number of talented youth translators through an Arab platform to facilitate the exchange of expertise and knowledge. It aims at developing a new generation of young translators that are capable of translating from various international languages into Arabic and from international languages to Arabic, under the supervision of experts and specialists in translation.

With an aim to encourage young talents and enable them to develop their capabilities and knowledge, the club motivates the youth to be active contributors in translating articles and specialized scientific research, transferring scientific knowledge, and advancing the knowledge movement.

H.E. Jamal bin Huwaireb, CEO of MBRF participated in the seminar, which was moderated by journalist Hussein Darwish. H.E. emphasized the importance of the Translators Club in providing important opportunities for the youth that want to develop their abilities and increase their scientific knowledge in transferring and translating scientific articles and research from international languages ​​into Arabic. This will ensure Arab researchers to access the highest levels of science and contribute actively to improving the quality of life and achieving prosperity for the Arab world.

H.E. highlighted the importance of translating specialized scientific articles and research due to the vast knowledge it offers on science, which ensures well-being of the society. H.E. further stated that countries across the globe are becoming increasingly dependent on scientific research, owing to its importance in achieving progress and the development and continuity of the community. He said that the club will instate a scientific committee for categorizing literature, research, and articles and extracting important ones that will benefit Arab researchers.

Additionally, H.E. stated that the Arab Translators Club will not only specialize in the translation of knowledge from foreign languages into Arabic but also will be involved in the translation of scientific articles and research. He further said that a group of experts and specialists in translation will supervise the youth and hone their talent to make them effective assets to science, who will contribute to enriching the knowledge movement and transfer and creation of knowledge.

H.E. pointed out that the Arab Translators Club will organize various training workshops and special seminars to enhance the abilities of the youth, thus contributing to increasing knowledge and enriching the knowledge movement.

The Dubai International Program for Writing is one of the most creative contributions that aim to actively enrich the intellectual and literary movement in the UAE and globally. The program involves numerous workshops and courses, which have enabled participants to produce several pioneering literary and cognitive productions.