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Delegation from MBRF visits Egypt to strengthen collaboration in knowledge fields

  • 28 Feb 2024

Dubai, 28 February 2024 – A delegation from the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Knowledge Foundation (MBRF), led by His Highness Jamal bin Huwaireb, CEO of the MBRF, visited the Arab Republic of Egypt to explore collaboration opportunities. The delegation met with Dr. Ayman Ashour, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, and Dr. Reda Hegazy, Minister of Education and Technical Education in the Arab Republic of Egypt, at the private education building in New Cairo.

The meeting focused on enhancing collaboration in educational investment and fostering the development of youth capabilities and skills for seamless integration into the job market. Additionally, the discussion included providing support and guidance to assist students in selecting their academic paths and appropriate university majors. The participants also addressed cooperation in preparing youth to tackle future challenges, advancements in the Egyptian educational landscape contributing to the knowledge index, progress in education investment, and its positive impact on elevating education quality in Egypt.

H.E. Jamal bin Huwaireb emphasized the strong relations between both countries, highlighting Egypt’s leading role in the Arab region. He also highlighted the keen interest of the MBRF in enhancing collaboration with the Ministry of Higher Education and the Ministry of Education and Technical Education to improve competitiveness levels in both the pre-university and higher education sectors.

Meanwhile, Dr. Ayman Ashour underscored the importance of investing in education as a fundamental cornerstone for sustainable development in Egypt. He emphasized that such investments play a pivotal role in honing the skills and capabilities of the youth, further empowering them to seamlessly integrate into the job market.


Dr. Reda Hegazy reiterated the commitment of the Ministry of Education and Technical Education to ensure that these initiatives result in a substantial advancement in education in Egypt. The goal is to cultivate a generation of students who are equipped to confront challenges and contribute to creating a brighter future for themselves.

In the meeting, an action plan was formulated to delineate the essential steps to attain the established objectives. Emphasis was placed on the crucial need to bolster collaborative endeavors to enhance the education system in Egypt and yield optimal outcomes for students.

As a part of the visit, the MBRF signed a cooperation agreement with the Ministry of Youth and Sports in the Arab Republic of Egypt. The signing ceremony was held at the Ministry’s headquarters in the New Administrative Capital.

The agreement was formally signed by H.E. Jamal bin Huwaireb and Major General Ismail Al Far, Assistant Minister of Youth and Sports for the Youth Sector. The ceremony witnessed the presence of key figures including Dr. Ashraf Sobhi, Egyptian Minister of Youth and Sports; Shamsa AlBlooshi, Director of Partnerships at the MBRF; Salem Al Owais, Head of the MBRF Contracts Department; Manal Jamal, Head of the Central Administration for Youth Empowerment at the Egyptian Ministry of Youth and Sports; and Mustafa Magdy, Assistant Minister for Policies and Strategic Affairs at the Ministry.

H.E. Bin Huwaireb said that the collaborative protocol with the Ministry of Youth and Sports represents the MBRF’s commitment to fortifying its partnerships and strategic alliances. This protocol is designed to facilitate knowledge sharing, drive research, and promote scientific advancements in the Arab world. It aims to empower Arab youth across diverse sectors, particularly in knowledge-based domains. The protocol also seeks to enhance their capabilities, equip them with the skills needed to match the pace of contemporary advancements, and provide future generations with the tools to generate sustainable solutions.

His Excellency further underscored the MBRF’s eagerness to enhance collaborations with various institutions in Egypt, with a particular emphasis on the Ministry of Youth and Sports. He stated that this commitment is deeply grounded in the fraternal ties between the two countries, highlighting the importance of partnering with the ministry to realize common aspirations, visions, and goals for empowering young individuals. The aim is to provide them with opportunities to improve their skills, contributing to the advancement of their communities and the development of their countries.

In accordance with the cooperation protocol between MBRF and the Ministry, both parties have committed to actively collaborating to achieve common goals. This includes the creation of a joint committee responsible for overseeing all activities, projects, and programs. Additionally, they will jointly work towards the enhancement of entrepreneurship, research, development, and youth capacity building. Both entities will also collaborate on initiatives aimed at fortifying knowledge-building efforts and fostering the development of youth skills.

During the visit, H.E. Jamal bin Huwaireb visited Dr. Ahmed Al-Tayeb, the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar Al-Sharif, at the headquarters of Al-Azhar in Egypt. The objective of the visit was to engage in discussions on the mutual collaboration frameworks between the parties, with a focus on safeguarding intellectual heritage and contributing to its dissemination and documentation.