MBRF concludes ‘KnowTalks’ sessions at Frankfurt International Book Fair

  • 24 Oct 2022
  • Frankfurt, Germany

Frankfurt, October 24, 2022- The Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Knowledge Foundation (MBRF) concluded its ‘KnowTalks’ series 2022 organised in collaboration with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) on the last day of the Frankfurt International Book Fair, which was a five-day event that began on October 19, 2022. On the last day of the event, MBRF organised two panel discussions that centred primarily on the topics ‘Joining Forces for Sustainable Urban Development’ and ‘Changing the World through Volunteers’.

His Excellency Jamal Bin Huwaireb, CEO of MBRF said: “At MBRF, we are committed to participating in global knowledge forums and events, with the sole purpose of fostering cultural and knowledge collaborations. We aim to address the challenges faced by the knowledge field, by sharing our pioneering expertise in implementing innovations to support the sector and facilitating access to our resources. MBRF also aims to showcase the achievements of Emirati authors and writers as well as the distinguished enablers who help the UAE become a centre for excellence and innovation. This is in line with the comprehensive protective system of copyrights and intellectual property, which encourages publishers to display their work in various fairs and forums across the world.”

He added: “Through our participation in the Frankfurt International Book Fair, we were able to facilitate access to knowledge resources, books, and international literature through our initiatives, including the Dubai International Program for Writing. We would like to express our sincere gratitude towards our workforce for their continued efforts, as well as the UNDP for helping to organize the ‘KnowTalks’ sessions. Additionally, we hope to intensify our bilateral collaboration and have a positive influence on regional and global knowledge development.”


Joining Forces for Sustainable Urban Development

The first virtual session of the panel discussion was based on the topic ‘Joining Forces for Sustainable Urban Development’. This session was attended by Nils Scheffler, Founder and Head of Urban Expert, who elucidated on the several social and economic factors that demands for sustainable urban development, as well as the significance of sustainable cities in raising the quality of life and resolving environmental challenges.

Scheffler underlined that several major challenges and problems cannot be resolved on an individual basis. To achieve the objectives of sustainable development, collaborations between governments, private sector, and civil societies are highly required. He further noted that attaining sustainable development is becoming more and more expensive, as the focus at present falls on building homes, rather than raising the quality of life of the citizens on the long run.

He stated that there are several underlying environmental, economic, and social factors for sustainable urban development. He emphasised on the significance of modifying construction techniques, the materials used, as well as recycling plastics, in order to reduce high economic costs. He also called for combining efforts to derive various solutions by exchanging knowledge and expertise between different nations and governments, in order to achieve sustainable urban development.

Changing the World through Volunteers

The second panel discussion titled ‘Changing the World through Volunteers’, was the final ‘KnowTalks’ session at the international book fair, which was attended by Tapiwa Kamuruko, Policy Specialist and Team Lead on Evidence and Knowledge brokering with the United Nations Volunteers (UNV).

During the discussion, Kamuruko explained that volunteering is the contribution of time and efforts by an individual to a cause or mission, with no financial gain. He added that the United Nations (UN) is collaborating with several of its international partners to encourage and promote volunteering. Furthermore, he stated that there are almost a million new volunteers every month and that anyone can be part of this as it expresses solidarity with communities and individuals.

He went on to discuss the efforts made by the United Nations Volunteers (UNV) to advance this idea by highlighting its beneficial effects on society and its contribution to the establishment of peace and security. He also underlined the importance of providing people of determination with the same opportunities as others, which is something that is constantly emphasised through the UN volunteer programs.

The Frankfurt International Book Fair was a huge event that organised over 4,000 events, panel discussions, and seminars featuring prominent figures from the industry.