MBRF holds new session of ‘KnowTalks’ series titled ‘What Does it Take to Innovate?’

  • 03 Mar 2023
  • Zoom

Dubai, 03 March 2023 – The Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Knowledge Foundation (MBRF) held a panel discussion titled ‘What Does it Take to Innovate?’, in collaboration with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) as part of the ‘KnowTalks’ series. The session highlighted the concepts of innovation and its significant role in advancing various fields and sectors, which eventually pave the way for the development of societies, as well as enhancing the quality of individuals’ lives. The ‘KnowTalks’ series aims at addressing the current pressing knowledge issues, as well as a range of other concerns across sectors, including economics, health, and education. It further formulates solutions and practices to address these issues and advances knowledge development and growth, both locally and globally.

The ‘KnowTalks’ series, a significant initiative by the MBRF, serves as a prominent knowledge platform that assembles global speakers, experts, professionals, and pioneers from various knowledge sectors. By bringing them all together under one roof, the platform aims to advance cooperation in developing knowledge paths, fostering innovation and creativity, encouraging scientific research across various fields, and assisting in the dissemination of knowledge. The insightful series offers an ideal space to understand knowledge reality, determine challenges, and devise effective strategies to advance knowledge development across the globe. Furthermore, it helps build societies with knowledge and innovation as their foundation.

His Excellency Jamal bin Huwaireb, CEO of the MBRF, lauded the efforts and contributions of the ‘KnowTalks’ series for encouraging extensive dialogue and cooperation and facilitating the sustainable development of societies based on principles of knowledge and scientific research. He emphasized that the MBRF has been committed to fostering knowledge development and launching innovative knowledge initiatives that focus primarily on advancing knowledge. In line with the vision of H.H. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, to lay the foundations of knowledge societies, these initiatives further empower individuals, pioneers, and thought leaders in the sector by providing them with the requisite skills and resources to spread their positive messages and promote their contributions to advance the development of communities.

The panel session ‘What Does it Take to Innovate?’ hosted Anas Zeineddine, Founder of innovaMENA, a company focusing on providing innovative ideas and projects in the MENA region. He discussed several concepts of innovation, further highlighting multiple definitions that vary according to various institutions of innovation, knowledge, and the perspectives of professionals, as well as the fields and sectors to which these are applied. He further pointed out that the process of innovation relies heavily on people. He added that organizations must recognize the role of employees in fostering innovation, which is a significant tool for a company’s progress. He stated that companies must offer an ideal platform to encourage innovation to enhance operational efficiency.

Zeineddine went on to underline the significance of innovation in devising solutions to the prevalent challenges and discussed the beneficial impact of advanced technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI), in revolutionizing every aspect of life and shaping the future. He pointed out examples of electric cars in raising awareness of environmental challenges, emphasizing the long-existence of the solution until Tesla joined forces to make it a reality and bring it to market. Zeineddine further discussed the significance of fostering innovation and sustainability, highlighting several academic institutions and private organizations that are combining resources to support sustainable innovation.

The ‘KnowTalks’ series is one of the many prominent initiatives launched by the MBRF. It features sessions attended by various international speakers. The agenda focuses on addressing a range of issues that significantly impact societies. Furthermore, it aims at promoting knowledge sharing, enriching knowledge dialogue at the regional and global levels, as well as using innovation and creativity to help societies grow. The ‘KnowTalks’ aims to enhance the UAE's presence on the global knowledge map, further supporting initiatives in the fields of innovation, knowledge, and scientific research, and providing the youth with an opportunity to contribute to the creation of a sustainable future.