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MBRF successfully concludes its participation at London Book Fair 2024

  • 19 Mar 2024

19 March 2024 - The Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Knowledge Foundation (MBRF) concluded its participation at the London Book Fair (LBF) 2024, showcasing its array of knowledge initiatives and projects. During the event, the MBRF organized several sessions and discussions within the Knowledge Lounge, KnowTalks, and Dubai International Program for Writing (DIPW).

The London Book Fair 2024 served as an ideal platform for the MBRF to strengthen its presence in the knowledge landscape, where it highlighted its pioneering programs and projects. This allowed writers, publishers, readers, and enthusiasts of science and knowledge to delve into various aspects of the MBRF’s initiatives. This dynamic interaction reinforces the Foundation’s position as a frontrunner in knowledge advancement, both on a local and global scale.

During the LBF 2024, the MBRF pavilion witnessed a substantial influx of visitors. His Excellency Mansoor Abdullah Belhoul, the UAE Ambassador to the UK, along with other embassy personnel, gained insights on the MBRF’s numerous knowledge initiatives and latest projects. Furthermore, a group of Emirati scholarship students studying in the UK visited the pavilion and gained insightful information on the ‘Future Skill for All’ initiative, which seeks to empower the youth by enhancing their skills and knowledge.

His Excellency Jamal bin Huwaireb, CEO of the MBRF, emphasized the significance of active engagement in global knowledge forums and events to elevate the UAE’s position in the international knowledge landscape. He underscored the London Book Fair as a pivotal platform that allowed the MBRF to showcase its expertise and reaffirm its role in disseminating knowledge globally.

His Excellency bin Huwaireb added: “In its participation at the LBF, the MBRF was committed to reinforcing its role as a premier knowledge platform, drawing industry and thought leaders globally. Our participation reflects our dedication to advancing sustainable knowledge development. This esteemed book fair offered us a platform to engage in meaningful discussions, cultivate collaborations and knowledge alliances, and share best practices in knowledge creation and distribution.”

Throughout the book fair, the MBRF held a series of enlightening knowledge and education sessions within the ‘Knowledge Lounge,’ covering diverse topics and featuring distinguished figures in knowledge and publishing. Engaging dialogues were held, such as ‘Global Knowledge Dialogues and the Growth of the Arabic Library’ with Hisham Al-Jahdali and Fahd Al-Ouda. Another session delved into ‘Translation Intersections: Bridging the Gap between Translators and Publishers,’ featuring Fatima Al-Khatib and Dalal Nasrallah. LBF 2024 also showcased sessions like ‘Emirati Publishers and Publishing Rights,’ with Anoud Al Ali and Hussein Darwish, and ‘Enriching Knowledge through Arts and Literature,’ presenting insights from Fai Nasser and Haitham Hussein. Dr. Laila Faridoun presented a session on ‘Harnessing Big Data Analytics in the Government Sector.’ These sessions sparked captivating discussions, engaging the audience and enriching their understanding of various subjects.

Within the KnowTalks series, the MBRF and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) collaborated to introduce a lineup of sessions, delving into the developments in education and technology in our modern world. A session titled ‘EdTech: Bridging Gaps for an Inclusive Future’ was hosted by Alexandra Sanpera Iglesias, Head of Content and Product Marketing at Learnlight. Another session, ‘Text and Tech: The Intersection of AI and Creative Writing,’ featured insights from Nadim Sadek, Founder and CEO of Shimmr AI, where participants actively engaged in discussions on the challenges and opportunities arising from technological advancements in writing and creativity. Additionally, the session ‘Sustainable Creativity: A Design-Nature Perspective,’ led by Lucy Kimbell, Professor of Contemporary Design Practices at Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London, provided a platform for sharing ideas on directing creativity towards a sustainable and harmonious future.

The LBF stands as a global platform where publishers and knowledge organizations converge to extend their international footprint and discover new markets worldwide. The event not only showcases current writing trends but also offers valuable insights into the future landscape of the book and publishing industry, shedding light on both its opportunities and challenges.