MBRF successfully concludes its participation in 42nd session of Sharjah International Book Fair

  • 12 Nov 2023

Dubai, 12 November 2023 - The Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Knowledge Foundation (MBRF) concluded its participation in the 42nd edition of the Sharjah International Book Fair (SIBF), which was held from 1 to 12 November 2023, at Expo Sharjah Center under the theme ‘We Speak Books.’ During SIBF, the MBRF hosted a series of events, activities, workshops, lectures, and presentations that align with its goal of promoting and disseminating knowledge and encouraging reading as a key source of science and knowledge.

The MBRF’s pavilion witnessed a remarkable influx of writers, media representatives, and poets, as well as enthusiastic groups of students. Participants got the opportunity to explore MBRF’s knowledge initiatives and projects, which are designed to elevate the significance of knowledge in shaping sustainable societies for the future.

During the event, the MBRF organized a wide range of activities and sessions, including a panel discussion on ‘Al-Ghani Al-Zaher Dictionary: A Journey in the World of Words,’ during which Hussein Darwish, a poet and media all-rounder, interviewed Dr. Abdul Ghani Abu al-Azam. Another session, ‘Arabic Language Facing Artificial Intelligence Algorithms,’ featured Muhammad Al Ali, a member of the ‘Bil Arabi’ initiative committee, who was interviewed by Sekab Swairjo. Furthermore, in line with the activities of the Digital Knowledge Hub, the MBRF hosted a panel discussion titled 'Effective Reading Strategies for Education and Scientific Research’ with Dr. Khaled Abdul Fatah. The daily story-reading sessions were also held, which included reading a collection of stories from the MBRF’s publication amid a remarkable response from students.

His Excellency Jamal bin Huwaireb, CEO of the MBRF, emphasized the Foundation’s interest in continuing to participate in SIBF, as it is a renowned knowledge event and an international intellectual exhibition that has the potential to bridge the gap between the writers’ community and their readers, further improving knowledge and solidifying reading as social knowledge. In addition, he stated that the MBRF’s participation paved the way for elevating the knowledge landscape in society, noting that its participation stems from its commitment to supporting the efforts of the UAE in the realms of knowledge creation and dissemination. Further, Bin Huwaireb highlighted the MBRF’s constant efforts to implement initiatives and programs to aid cognitive development pathways, which is the solid foundation for sustainable future societies and economies.

Under the Dubai International Program for Writing (DIPW), the MBRF conducted panel discussions including ‘DIPW Experience Between Internet and Artificial Intelligence Generations’ with the writer Osama Ibrahim; ‘DIPW Impact on Introducing Writers to the World of Publishing’ with authors Sarah Mahmoud Al Khatib and Malak Mahmoud Reda; ‘Text and Critical Speech: Ambiguous Relationship’ with Saleh Huwaidi; ‘Cultural Challenges in the Fabric of the Short Story’ with author Hala Maher; and ‘From Experience to Influence: My Journey in the World of Writing’ with author Dana Jiroody. The MBRF also held a signing ceremony for its Science Fiction Workshop along with illustration instructor Fatima Al Amiri, writing instructor Ray Abdel Al, and another one for Drawing Workshop books for children’s stories.

Furthermore, within the framework of ‘Knowledge Lounge,’ the MBRF conducted several panel discussions, including ‘Science and Philosophy: Intersection of Cultures and Ideas’ with Dr. Monther Qabbani; a reading session of the ‘Lailac Girl’ story; ‘Psychological Narrative in Arab Literature’ with Dr. Hussein Ali Masih; and ‘Essay and Novel in a Changing World’ with novelist Amr Donkol and writer Fatima Al Mazrouei. The panel discussions titled ‘War Literature and the Literary Impact of Survivors’ with Saleh Obaid and Mustafa Al Zarouny, 'History Translation: Reading in the Book Three Mothers and Three Daughters’ with translator and poet Amal Ismail, and ‘The Book of Artists: Inspiration and Creativity Between the Worlds of Literature and Art’ with Dr. Shakir Nouri, Islam Aboushakir, and Meera Al Qasim were also held by the MBRF. Additionally, the MBRF organized a literary criticism workshop with Dr. Jamal Maqableh. In line with its participation, the MBRF also included the discussion of the novel ‘Tin al-Ain’ with writer Wafa Kamal Salman and writer Anas Fazaz Kassem and hosted the Healing with Reading session with Nora Al Naqbi.