MBRF to organises new sessions of Travel Writing Workshop

  • 29 Jan 2023

Dubai, UAE, January 29, 2023- The Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Knowledge Foundation (MBRF) will organise the third and fourth sessions of its Travel Writings Workshop in March and April 2023, respectively. These sessions, which come as part of the Dubai International Program for Writing, will be held under the supervision of Dr. Wafaa Al Mezghani, with several writing experts and trainers to instruct the participants.

The third session of the workshop will begin in March, lasting for over three days, while the fourth will commence in April. The first session of this innovative workshop, which began on December 20, 2022, is ongoing and will continue till March 13, 2023. The second session, on the other hand, commenced on January 23, 2023.

His Excellency Jamal bin Huwaireb, CEO of MBRF, highlighted that the Foundation is committed to launching innovative initiatives and projects which are aimed at promoting knowledge among the youth, building their capabilities, as well as improving their writing skills. He pointed out that the MBRF aims to raise a generation that is skilled in travel writing and storytelling, as well as able to produce unique pieces of literary work by holding the third and fourth sessions of the workshop. He also added that he is confident that the new sessions will yield several exceptional creative writings that would enhance the Arabic library.

The activities of the third session will cover instructing participants on several methodologies employed in travel writing, numerous aspects of this genre of writing according to the writer’s experiences, ways to encourage the participants, different views of subjects, and implementing new ideas to solve problems from a different perspective depending on the participants' various interests. The workshop will also discuss various marketing methods to sell books, articles, and blogs, in addition to exploring innovative means to reach the target audience.

Meanwhile, the fourth session will discuss the concepts and ideas that participants have regarding the stories that had been suggested in the previous session, as well as the practicality of incorporating them within a single writing project or into separate articles. The session will also focus on addressing the story's protagonists, examining the content of articles and stories, and discovering their styles and methods in writing those. Under the guidance of a trainer, participants will be divided into teams to discuss their respective works and explore strategies for drafting travel writings in a way that appeals to readers and publishers.

The workshops aim to provide participants with the opportunity to learn writing techniques that will draw readers and encourage them to read the entire story. Furthermore, it will also introduce them to a variety of elements in travel writing, including the spatial context, the characters, feelings, etc., and instruct them on how to incorporate these into their writing. The workshops will also emphasise innovative means to communicate effectively while writing, describe travel experiences, as well as present and advertise their stories. It will offer platforms for the exchange of knowledge in creating solutions to overcome the challenges of producing creative content.

The MBRF launched the Travel Writing Workshops towards the end of the previous year. Several elements of travel literature, stories, and writing styles, as well as the characteristics of travel writings, the methodologies of arranging them, and the way to address their events, include characters and handle dialogue, were highlighted in the first and second sessions. They also addressed various narrating techniques in travel writings and held brainstorming sessions for the participants.