MBRF’s participation in Frankfurt Book Fair 2022 packed with back-to-back events & activities

  • 18 Oct 2022
  • Germany

18 October 2022 – The Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Knowledge Foundation (MBRF) announced its participation in the Frankfurt International Book Fair 2022 in Germany, which will take place from 19 to 23 October under the theme ‘Words Connect Worlds’.

MBRF’s participation in the Fair features a busy schedule packed with an array of events that will be held as part of the exhibition this year. Frankfurt International Book Fair is considered one of the most important and prestigious book fairs globally, and is also known for hosting some of the most notable events for the publishing industry. Therefore, the Fair will draw high levels of interaction and media coverage, with the participation of 7,500 exhibitors from 100 countries this year. Over five days, it will host over 4,000 events, panel discussions, and seminars featuring prominent figures from the industry.

H.E. Jamal bin Huwaireb, CEO of MBRF, said: “We are delighted to participate in the 73rd edition of the Frankfurt International Book Fair as it is one of the leading and most notable book fairs globally. It will be an excellent platform to showcase MBRF’s various projects and programs, and an ideal opportunity to meet global publishers and prominent industry figures from around the world.”

H.E. further stated that MBRF’s participation in the latest edition of the exhibition follows its previous participations, and will serve as an excellent opportunity to connect with other global markets and strengthen relations and communication channels with decision makers in the publishing and knowledge world. Moreover, it will also help learn about the latest developments in the publishing industry including technological advancements and future outlook. H.E. emphasized that the participation will be key to advancing collaboration and coordination efforts, apart from effectively highlighting the UAE’s and Dubai’s positions on the knowledge landscape and enhance their global presence.

“Sharing the UAE’s pioneering experience in supporting the books and publishing industry and providing a nurturing environment for writing will help attract investments to our creative sectors, especially in light of the comprehensive system provided by the UAE to protect intellectual property and the rights of writers and publishers. The country’s continuing support for emerging publishing houses in the UAE is also noteworthy, as it helps them showcase their publications at international exhibitions, thus introducing Emirati creativity to the rest of the world through the works of homegrown publishing houses.” H.E. concluded.

On day one of its participation, MBRF will highlight the Digital Knowledge Hub, an integrated platform that enables continued access to knowledge content and digital information sources. Furthermore, MBRF, in collaboration with UNDP, is set to organize the KnowTalks sessions: ‘Economic Diplomacy in a Fragmented World’ and ‘Transforming Education to Future-proof the Workforce,’ in addition to another, translation-focused session titled ‘The Potential of Scientific Translation into Arabic – Pursuing the Golden Age.’ 

KnowTalks will continue on day two with the ‘Potential of Start-ups’ Incubators: Government Experiences’ and ‘Flattening Organizational Hierarchy’ sessions. MBRF is also set to organize the Knowledge Lounge session ‘Global Translations and the Mother Tongue – Significance of Direct Translation from First Language.’ The Dubai International Program for Writing will witness the launch of ‘Travel Experiences’ workshop, in addition to the ‘Writers Exchange’ to showcase testimonials about the UAE.  

On day three, KnowTalks will feature the ‘Banks and Fintech in Platform Economies’ and ‘Multidimensional Poverty: Impacts of Labor Market Policies’ sessions. In addition, the Dubai International Translation Club is set to be launched under the umbrella of Dubai International Program for Writing, and Knowledge Lounge on the Program and knowledge sharing will also be organized.  

KnowTalks on day four will feature ‘Promoting Private Sector Engagement in Development’ and ‘Bioinformatics: Revolutionizing Healthcare.’ Besides, under the Dubai International Program for Writing, a Knowledge Lounge will be launched, and a discussion will be organized to highlight the potential of Arab publishing in Europe. Yet another Knowledge Lounge will explore the future of translation from Arabic to other languages.


On the last day of the Fair, MBRF will host two KnowTalks sessions, ‘Joining Forces for Sustainable Urban Development’ and ‘Changing the World through Volunteers’ and address key issues during the Knowledge Lounge session “Merging Knowledge: Germany - UAE.’ Day five’s agenda also includes raising participants’ awareness on the features and benefits of the Digital Knowledge Hub and its pivotal role, through the session titled ‘Digital Knowledge Hub: A Solution and Open Content Platform’, along with the seminar ‘Arab Publishing in Europe: Reality vs Ambitions’ as part of the translation workshop.